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Tatty Stick


Laser Removal Care
Tattoo Maintenance

Your Body - Your Ink - Your Stick

Tattoo Artist - BW

Michelle Axium, CEO of Tatty Stick, is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with more than 15 years of experience in both Emergency Medicine and Family Practice.

As the creator of the Axiomm line of skin care products, Michelle had already created products for cuts, burns and abrasions. Through extensive research, Michelle formulated the Tatty Stick to ensure all ingredients were tattoo safe and would not cause fading.

Michelle Axium - Tatty Stick CEO
Tattoo Care
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Natural Product with

YOU in Mind

Lotions and ointments are nice for unbroken skin but aren't meant to heal a wound.  Your tattoo is a different kind of wound that needs to be treated to preserve your art.


Tatty Stick was created specifically for tattoo wound care.  

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All Natural

Heals quickly

Convenient Stick


Does not cause the ink to fade

Tattoo Aftercare
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Our Products

Tatty Stick testionials 1

 I used this product for my tattoo.  It was so soothing and it healed so quickly!  I am pre-diabetic and was worried about wound healing.  I won't use any other product on my body when it comes to tattoos. 

Mary S.

Tatty Stick Testimonials - 2

I have used the stick for several tattoos.  I can't believe the difference it has made in my healing time!  I used other after care products in the past and I have to say this is by far the best!  I loved the stick as well!  It was so easy to apply and I had it with me all the time!

Ashley R.

Tatty Stick Testimonials - 3

I was offered Tatty Stick after my two latest tattoos. I love the ease & convenience TS allows. Because it’s a stick, there’s no “scooping” a glob of stuff from a jar, AND it cut down on my redness, scabbing, & healing time.

Justin S.

Stick Lovers

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