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Unfortunately when I got my tattoo I used the fake skin and when I took it off it ripped off pieces of my skin and tattoo. When I got my tattoo redone I used Tatty Stick instead and it was a much better process. I was able to clean my tattoo when showering and used tatty stick when I got out. It stopped the itching and tightness, it healed my tattoo super quick and was super easy to apply!

Sam L.

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 I used this product for my tattoo.  It was so soothing and it healed so quickly!  I am pre-diabetic and was worried about wound healing.  I won't use any other product on my body when it comes to tattoos. 

Mary S.

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I have used the stick for several tattoos.  I can't believe the difference it has made in my healing time!  I used other after care products in the past and I have to say this is by far the best!  I loved the stick as well!  It was so easy to apply and I had it with me all the time!

Ashley R.

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I was offered Tatty Stick after my two latest tattoos. I love the ease & convenience TS allows. Because it’s a stick, there’s no “scooping” a glob of stuff from a jar, AND it cut down on my redness, scabbing, & healing time.

Justin S.

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