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Certain Lotions and Ointments Should NEVER Be Used on New Tattoos

Petrolatum is not a reasonable product to use on tattoos while they are healing.

They draw out ink, take tattoos longer to heal and can cause infections.

What is Petrolatum?

Petrolatum is also known as Petroleum Jelly, Paraffin Oil, Mineral Oil and White Petrolatum. It is found in Vasoline, Aquaphor, Eucerin cream, A & D, Lubriderm and Neosporin.

• It is a byproduct of Petroleum and is made from refining it.

• It is a water repellant film. It creates a barrier to keep out foreign particles or microorganisms.

• It penetrates the superficial layer of skin and is not absorbed into the body.

The health concerns in general for petrolatum include potential contamination with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

The national Toxicology Program (NTP) considers PAH as a class to contain reasonably anticipated carcinogens (cause cancer).

Petrolatum and Tattoos

Petrolatum is not a reasonable product to use on tattoos while they are healing.

They draw out ink, take tattoos longer to heal and can cause infections.

• Petrolatum is known to draw ink out of the lower layers of skin before it has a chance to set which causes areas of fading and patchiness.

• Tattoos must breathe in order to heal. Petrolatum is a non-porous product that can create an air lock around the tattoo. It seals off the skin from water and air. Air is needed to help a tattoo heal. Therefore, it takes longer for a tattoo to heal if a product with Petrolatum is used.

• It forms a barrier at the skin surface and it prevents normal drainage from the wound that could potentially increase the risk of a serious infection.

• It traps dirt and germs in the wound which can lead to an infection. Moist and humid pocket of trapped air is a perfect environment for germs and bacteria to thrive and multiply. Germs and bacteria are dangerous to a new tattoo because it can create lasting damage to it.

What should be used on a new tattoo?

TATTY STICK! It is an all-natural product made specifically for use on a new tattoo. Each of the ingredients were chosen with the healing process in mind. Why did we decide to use all-natural products in our sticks? Because there are natural healing properties in nature. Our sticks are made from Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Essential Oils: Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Lavender and Peppermint.

• Coconut Oil: This AMAZING oil possesses antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is an antioxidant (which protects cells in your body from free radical damage).

• Beeswax: When we apply this to the skin, it forms a protective barrier that holds in moisture and reduces dryness. It allows the skin to breathe and won't clog pores. It has vitamin A in it which helps rejuvenate your skin.

• Shea Butter: The best moisturizing, regenerating and protecting natural product in the world! It protects your skin from UV sunlight! It provides moisture, vitamins, nutrients and protection to your skin while it heals. It deeply soothes the skin and calms irritation and inflammation.

• Jojoba Oil: Soap strip the skin of sebum which is what your sebaceous glands in the skin produces to lubricate and protect your skin. Dehydrated skin is vulnerable to germs that are looking for entry points in your skin (this is what causes infections). This oil is structurally the closest oil to that of which our own bodies make. It relieves inflammation and has vitamin E and B-Complex vitamins which help the skin regenerate and normalize.

• Our E complex: has d-Alpha Tocopherol, d-Beta, d-Gamma & d-Delta Tocoperols in a safflower oil, not soy which many believe helps the body heal. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

• Melaleuca Oil (Tea Tree) Essential Oil: known for its powerful antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds. It is a disinfectant, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory essential oil.

• Lavender Essential Oil: Powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal, natural painkiller and reduces inflammation. This essential oil promotes wound healing, especially in the early phases by accelerating formation of granulation tissue and promoting collagen synthesis, therefore locking in the ink color deep in the skin.

• Peppermint Essential Oil: Antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic. Relieves itchiness by inhibiting itching. This oil helps during the healing process when the tattoo begins to itch.

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