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Essential Oils and Healing Tattoos

Essential oils are concentrated oils obtained from parts of a plant such as their seeds, stems, roots, flowers and bark. They are obtained from distillation and have the properties of the plant it was taken from, but in a much more concentrated in form. Each essential oil has different, unique properties that the plant used to defend it from pests, mold, bacteria and more. The essential oils that are used in Tatty Stick are chosen for the purpose of using nature to help heal your new tattoo quickly, naturally and safely.

A tattoo is a series of tiny puncture wounds to the skin made by a needle. The needle injects ink into the dermis layer of the skin and by penetrating the skin, it is essentially, an open wound.

Open wounds have the potential for infection. Good hygiene is essential when caring for a new tattoo. Washing your hands and the new tattoo before touching it is essential. Be careful not to over wash (too frequent washing) a tattoo site as it can remove the oil that your skin glands produce. Dry cracked skin can introduce more areas for bacteria to enter.

Using an aftercare product is essential in caring for a new tattoo. But what aftercare product should you use? Lotions and salves smell nice but only create moisture when applied to the tattoo. They do not have components that Tatty Stick uses to help fight infection. These essential oils that are in the Tatty Stick have been in numerous medical studies and are shown to fight Staph, MRSA, yeast, mold, bacteria, viruses and parasites. Tatty Stick may be the new product on the market, however it has been studied on patients and clients for over two years. The outcome is overwhelmingly positive. The tattoos heal quicker, pain is reduced, itching is halted and the tattoos look amazing. Time to try this amazing product!

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