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Lotions Suck for Tattoos

Updated: May 11, 2021

Tattoos traditionally were healed with lotions and to this day, artist may recommend using them to heal. Why was this the norm for tattoos in the past? Well for one, we know that lotions lubricate the skin. When tattoos heal, they become dry and begin to itch and here is why most have recommended lotions. When skin in general becomes dry, we use lotion. But here is the problem. For starters, tattoos are not just "dry skin". Tattoos are a healing procedure. They are essentially a wound. Next, many lotions have petroleum in them (sometimes called by other names... check out our other blog about that!) Petroleum delays healing. It creates a barrier to trap moisture and bacteria and actually DELAYS healing. When this happens, the ink has time to migrate up and you lose some of the amazing color.

When you were a small child who fell and skinned your knee or elbow, did your parent tell you to apply lotion? NO! Seriously, I have never, ever heard someone say to do this. Skinned knees or elbows are superficial wounds and yet we still do not tell anyone to put lotion on it. Tattoos are not so superficial. They are a deeper wound. Because of this, we certainly would not recommend lotion to heal it. Just as a medical provider takes care of a patient for a procedure, they also make sure that the patient has the correct information and tools to take care of the healing process.

So now what? Recommending a product that helps support the healing process is just as important as creating the tattoo. A well healed tattoo will help your clients coming back for more! They are more likely to recommend you as an artist because you care for your clients. I urge you to consider this information and talk to us about supplying you with this essential tool for healing, Tatty Stick.

We have done extensive research regarding tattoos. We know how they heal and what natural ingredients help lock in the tattoo ink to create a long term skin masterpiece look its best. We are not just a company, we hope you consider us more than that. We care about the artists and the clients. We are here for YOU!

Happy Tattoo!

Tatty Stick

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